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2018年6月10日 (日)

Portable JAFF-0215 長瀞玉淀自然公園移動運用

The Town of Yorii lies 70km northwest from the center of Tokyo, and has 34,000 population. As the Ara River flows out from the western mountains to the Kanto Plain at its location, it is the hub of local transportation. The Yorii station connects three railways. The town used to be important for feudal lords in medieval times naturally, and the Hachigata Castle was constructed in those days on the hill by the river.
The river flow is calmer here than upstream, offering a good spot for recreation beside the river. The river bed around here has got the name “Tamayodo,” yodo meaning a place with calm flow along a river.

I went there to activate the Nagatoro-Tamayodo Prefectural Nature Park, Saitama, JAFF-0215, and the Hachigata Castle, WCA JA-00023, yesterday afternoon. My QRV time was from 0530 through 1045 UTC. The 40, 30, 20 and 18m bands were used but most of about 60 contacts were logged on 40 and 20m. I managed to log 2 NA, 2 OC and 5 AS oversea stations, but the band conditions appeared unfavorable.
This was my third activation at the place, but the first since JAFF-0215 became valid in the WWFF reference list. The spot had fewer visitors than I had expected on Saturday, and could enjoy radio operation. There was a visiting local ham, and I chatted with him for a while.
(注) 3回前ぐらいから、ココログで記事を書き、写真を入れて「保存」すると、何十行分にもなる余白が入ってしまいます。バック・スペース・キーで余白を削るだけでも、何分もかかるほどで、とてもやっていられません。このため、写真なしです。何か仕様が変わったことで、トラブルになっているようですが、FAQにも出ておらず、どうしようもありません。
(注2) この現象はマイクロソフト・エッジを使うためではないかとの指摘がありインターネット・エクスプローラーで編集してみました。(6月11日) 先日、マイクロソフトのアップデイトがあったので、その結果、相性が悪くなったのでしょうか。

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« 東京競馬場 Tokyo Racecourse | トップページ | 鉢形城跡散策 Hachigata Castle »