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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2017年9月23日 (土)

Portable JAFF-0216 Hiki Hills PNP 比企丘陵自然公園移動運用

Higashimatsuyama City lies about 40km northwest of my home in Tokyo. The name means East Pine Mountain in English. The western part of the city comprises low hills that form the western fringe of the Kanto Plain. Monomiyama, meaning Lookout Mountain, is 135m high above sea level and in the Hikikyuryo, Hiki Hills, Prefectural Natural Park, JAFF-0216, in Saitama.Prefecture.
Went there to activate this JAFF reference yesterday, September 22 local time. It was the third time after September 2016 and March 2017, but I departed home much earlier with contacts with North and South American stations in mind.
A loop of 17m band size was set on top of my car. Was running about 40 watts out by IC-7100 relying power from a lead battery.
Img_2509s          Looking northeast, to NA direction.
          Looking northwest.
I worked on the higher band, 17 and 20 meters, quite patiently but band condition was not favorable and I ended up logging only 2 contacts with W stations, K7ZO in Idaho and N9RV in Montana on the 20 meter band after 02 UTC. Considering the low sunspot numbers of these days, I may have to content with having contacts with NA.
I logged 8 Asiatic and 1 European Russian stations and 1 each Chinese and Korean station. That made the total number of oversea stations 13.
The 40 meter band was used after lunch for JAs and 18 QSOs were logged making the total of domestic 22 Q’s including 17 and 20m bands.
I listened to the IBP beacon frequently to know which band was better, but I do not know it was useful since the conditions appeared unstable and subject to change in short time.
I also checked the reports in the reverse beacon network too.
The excerpt of the reports from NA skimmers is shown below.
Sept. 21   N6TV  18084  6 dB  22:59z
                VE7CC 18084  5 dB  22:59z
                KU7T  14044  7 dB  23:07z
                N6TV  18084  3 dB  23:40z
                K2PO  14044 10 dB  23:50z
Sept. 22   W7HR  18084  9 dB  00:01z
                VE7CC 18084  8 dB  00:31z
                K2PO  14044 15 dB  00:47z
                KU7T  14044 10 dB  00:51z
               K2PO  14044 25 dB  01:32z
               K2PO  14044  2 dB  01:59z
               K2PO  14044  5 dB  02:14z
As I was tired and it was forecast that it would start raining late in the afternoon, I chose to leave the site before the best time for European hunters.
Many thanks for the callers and spotters and hope to see you again under the better band conditions.
Mot, JP1QEC, one of the leading activators of SOTA in Japan, was very kind to visit the site early in the morning, and we had a nice chat over antennas and other topics. Many thanks, Mot-san.
0740Jころからオンエアし、1500J 過ぎにQRTしました。練馬出口で渋滞があって帰りは2時間かかりました。
昨日は3回目の場所でもあり、我ながらあきれるほど根気よく、18メガ、14メガに出て、NA/SAができないかと頑張りましたが、結局、14メガでK7ZO (ID), N9RV(MT) の2局とできただけでした。
UA9/0 が8局、UA3 が1局(午後)、BYが1局(午後)でした。
1240Jころから13Jころまで、7メガに出てJA 18局、 HL 1局と交信できました。
JP1QEC, Motさん、早朝のアイボールとフェイスブックへの写真入りコメント、どうもありがとうございました。
JA1VVH, JA1VRYほか各局、QSOとスポットどうもありがとうございました。

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