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2016年10月29日 (土)

Kyoto (1) 京都 その1

It is said that the number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing fast, but I saw this personally when I got on to the Shinkansen rapid train to Kyoto the day before yesterday, October 27.
I sat next to an Italian tourist from Rome on the train and had some conversation in English. I ended up taking him to the platform of the Biwako line at the Kyoto station, as he booked a budget hotel at Minami Kusatsu about twenty minutes from Kyoto.
It appeared about eighty per cent of passengers on the subway from Kyoto station to the north were foreign tourists.
I have dinners with a group of close friends of about ten men three or four times a year, and the group chose Kyoto as the location of dinner meeting this fall, as one of the group members had a job in Kyoto.
The first place we went was Takaragaike pond in the northern area of the city.
The building on the other side of the pond is the Kyoto International Conference Center. It was designed by Sachio Otani, the winner of the design competition and is just fifty years old.
The Kyoto Protocol on climate change was adopted here in 1997.
The mountain behind is Mt. Hieizan (Daihiei), 848m ASL, SOTA JA/SI-025.
We had dinner at “Kurashita,” one of the numerous restaurants in historic Gion neighborhood.
We were told that the building was okiya, a geisha dispatching service in the old days, but there was no geisha girl for the night of course, as we had no host nor sponsor to provide expense.

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