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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2015年11月17日 (火)

Portable Kanozan, SOTA JA/CB-002 (1) 鹿野山移動運用(1)

Kanozan is the second highest mountain in Chiba Prefecture. According to the legend, it was the base of a bad chief of a tribe once upon a time, when the region was still a part of the frontier for the mainstream Japanese, and was conquered by Yamatotakeru, a brave prince.
The area around the mountain has been developed as the site of a temple and shrines, a golf course, a commercial recreation facility, etc., and mostly in the Minamiboso Quasi-National Park, WWFF JAFF-0048.

Take, JA1FAQ, and I went to Shiratorimine, the highest peak of Kanozan, 379m above sea level, yesterday, November 16.
It is assigned SOTA reference number JA/CB-002. The peak is just like an island in the golf course and could be reached by climbing for five minutes from the Shiratori Shrine at the south side of the hill. The shrine was only five minutes from the Kujukutani Park.

Our amateur radio operation was possible with a much heavier style than those of most SOTA activators in that context; we used IC-7000 powered by 40Ah lithium-ion battery and a full size loop for 15 meter band. We set at 40 watts output on 15 and 17 meter bands and from 20 to 30 watts on 30 and 40 meter bands. We brought an ATU, AH-4, an antenna analyzer, a 2 liter water bottle, in addition.
There is a stone monument of the sword of Yamatotakeru at the peak and it is surrounded by many sugi trees, Cryptomeria japonica. We managed to find a minimum space to set up our station behind the monument.

We logged about 40 contacts altogether with stations in JA, W, VK, BA, UN, UT, I, etc.
I personally logged four contacts with JAs on 40m, and 2 VKs, 1 UR and 1 I on 15m, as a guest operator of JA1FAQ/p. It was a little cumbersome to send my own callsign after signal reports, but this practice was necessary in Japan’s regulation.
We were pleased to receive calls from North America and Australia yesterday, as we have not been able to have contacts with those areas in our WWFF activities. Many thanks to those who called, spotted and announced our plan in advance.








0630 UTCでQRTしたためか、ヨーロッパはあまりできませんでしたが、Wの方は、0030 UTC過ぎの開始でもまだ21メガバンドが開けていて、 はじめのころは、VKと入り交じってコールが続き、忙しそうでした。聞いていると、中にはぎりぎり取れるか取れないかのシグナルの局もあり、コールがあったのに交信不成立のケースも若干ありました。


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« Shopping at Akihabara 秋葉原で買い物 | トップページ | Portable Kanozan (2) 鹿野山移動運用(2) »