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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2015年10月 6日 (火)

Portable JAFF-0005, in Chichibu 秩父よりJAFF移動運用

The core of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is said to be the Oku-Chichibu Mountain Chain. I had activated this national park four times before October 4, but previous operations took place three times in the Tama section in Tokyo Prefecture and once in the Kai section in Yamanashi Prefecture. So, I chose the Chichibu section in Saitama Prefecture as my site of operation when I decided to try a JAFF activation after an inactive period of four months and a half.

The link below will show my QTH yesterday in the official topographic map of Japan.
The site is about 1,000 meters above sea level and on the western side of a ridge extending towards northwest.
Kumotoriyama, 2,017.1m, SOTA JA/TK-001, is 7km to the south and Imokinodokke, 1,946m, JA/TK-002, is 5km to the south. (“Imotokinodokke” in the SOTA list seems to be an erroneous spelling.)

I started to go on the air on the 40 meter band first from 0340 UTC and logged 28 contacts.
Img_0216_2s                        The long wire utilizing the spreaders of the loop.
Img_0218s                       A sheet of aluminum foil was used to utilize the body of the vehicle.

After changing my antenna to a loop for 15 meter band, I began calling CQ at 0444.
Img_0222_2s                    Looking northwest. It was foggy all day.

There were 11 callers between 0522 and 0535, but I logged no contacts for more than an hour afterwards. I copied a weak call probably from US3IP at 0603 but it was not possible to exchange reports due to QSB.
Twenty-three stations were worked between 0648 and 0741. The total of 28 contacts was with oversea stations out of 34 contacts on the 15 meters.
Img_0224_t                    A brand new ICOM IC-7100M was my rig of the day.
                    Most CQ’s were sent by touching “M1” in the panel, activating the memory keying function.

It was not possible to log many oversea contacts yesterday, but I was pleased to have contacts with a variety of stations including 4X4JU (storng), BX2ABT/qrp and VK2IO.

The portable station went QRT at 0842 as I did not want to go down the winding road in the dark. The local sunset time was 0821. I came home at 1140 after driving two and half hours.







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