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2015年9月20日 (日)

Chimpanzees at Mahale, Tanzania 野生チンパンジー学シンポジウム

The research of the monkey and the ape led by scholars mostly from the Kyoto University has been attracting many people by its importance to understand the mankind. I have been one of them and was impressed by several books written by the authors in the school.

A symposium titled “The Fifty Years of the Research of Wild Chimpanzees” was held yesterday in the Tokyo University, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the field observation camp in the Mahale Mountains on the eastern coast of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. As it was open to the public with free admission, I attended in it, though I missed the first third of the session.

Img_0096s                    The Yayoi Auditorium, Tokyo University.

Img_0102s                    The inside of the auditorium during the intermission before the final discussion with President Juichi Yamagiwa, President of Kyoto University and the famous scholar on the Gorilla at right and Associate Professor Michio Nakamura of Kyoto University, the present leader of the chimpanzee field research.
It is regrettable that Ms. Nobuko Nakazawa, a doctoral student of the same university, whose presentation on her patient research of leopards was very intersting and appeared significant, was not seated yet. It was pointed out by President Yamagiwa that the danger from animals maight have had influence on the evolution of Homo sapience.

The Mahele National Park of Tanzania, WWFF 5HFF-0007, is one of the few national parks in a foreign country designated by the proposal and cooperation of Japan.

"Protected Planet" 



« 穏やかな週末-江古田富士登山など Ekoda Fuji | トップページ | 国立駅付近散策 Walking near the Kunitachi Station »






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« 穏やかな週末-江古田富士登山など Ekoda Fuji | トップページ | 国立駅付近散策 Walking near the Kunitachi Station »