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2015年5月22日 (金)

Portable Nikko NP, JAFF-017 日光国立公園移動運用

The Nikko National Park, JAFF-017, had been one of the nature parks in the area, the call area number one for ham radio, I had not activated yet. The other JAFF reference in Kanto remaining is the Oze National Park and it is very difficult to approach from my home in Tokyo.
Sei, JA1RUJ and I went to Nikko, Tochigi, on Wednesday, May 20 and Thursday, May 21. I chose the eastern side of the Senjogahara Moor, a protected wetland by the Ramsar Convention, at 1,395 meter high above sea level, as our operating site.

We started to be QRV shortly before 0500 UTC (1400 local time) on Wednesday on 40 meter band but found no caller. The antenna was changed to a loop from a loaded vertical and we QSY’ed to 15 meter band.

Img_9566s                    Looking northwest toward Europe.


Sound of SM6CNX at 0719 UTC: 「SDR_0020-s.wav」をダウンロード

20-21日(水-木)とJA1RUJ局と一緒に日光国立公園の戦場ヶ原での移動運用を試みました。WWFF JAFF-017のナンバーがあり、1エリアのJAFFの中で、ここと尾瀬が移動運用先として残っていました。

The first oversea caller of the afternoon was RY7G at 0705. I received a call from JA0LXP at 0712 and thanks to his spotting, I received calls consecutively for half an hour.
There were very few callers during 08 hours, but I received calls again after 0900. I logged about 70 contacts on 15 meter by CW. We ceased our operation at 0955 and went to a hot spring lodge in Nikko Yumoto about ten minutes away for a stay.


Img_9557s                    The national park sign board and the operator.

It rained lightly three or four times late afternoon but we were able to continue operating as no thunder storm came near us.

It was very windy on the next day and we gave up to use the loop; we tried 40 meter again by a vertical but we received only a few calls to our disappointment.

We logged 77 contacts altogether.


We drove up to a view spot on the southern side of Lake Chuzenji, on our way home.

Img_9596s                    Mt. Nantai and Lake Chuzenji. The Senjogahara Moor lies between the western (left side) slope of Mt. Nantai and distant mountains.


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