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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2015年5月 1日 (金)

Portable JAFF-050 Again ヤビツ峠付近移動運用

The JAFF reference number 50 is one of the few JAFF references that I have not logged more than 44 contacts in the call area number one in Japan. I tried the Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park in August last year, but the number of contacts was 23 then.

I went to the same Yabitsu Pass Yesterday, on April 30, to try again. A roadside space about 600 meters northwest down the hill from the pass, 730 meters above sea level, was chosen as my QTH this time. It was the site where JA7IC activated the Q-NP in 2011.
I went on the air on 40 meter band by CW from 0350 till 0430UTC; 8 JA stations were logged using a loaded vertical antenna.
My antenna was changed to a roof-top loop for 15 meter band then; I was QRV from 0520 till 0840UTC by CW and logged 94 contacts.

Img_9421_2sThe direction toward Europe was bhind the trees.

The first hour on 15 meter was not fruitful: Only one UA9 station called me and I ended up with three contacts.
That slow pace changed at 0619UT. Thanks to the spotting by JA0LXP, many EU stations started to call me and it was difficult to control by my operation capability and the 40 watt transmission.
I had more contacts with French stations than before towards the end of the operation.
I was especially pleased to have contacts with EI4CF, who had a call sign similar to mine, and with HF90IARU, a special event station.

A police patrol car came over to the operating spot when I was operating on 40 meter, but the young policeman told me that he only wanted know what the long fishing rod on top of my car was, and I was relieved to see him leaving immediately without even asking to see my radio license.

Img_9410_2sI went up the hill to the east from the pass about 100 meters and looked toward the Sagami Bay and Enoshima Island but it was a misty day.


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