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2015年4月 7日 (火)

Portable Mt. Tsukuba, JAFF-047 つくば朝日峠移動運用

Went to a roadside park at about 250m above sea level near Mt. Tsukuba in the Suigo-Tsukuba Quasi-National Park, JAFF-047, with Take, JA1FAQ, aiming at some phone contacts with VK stations yesterday, but our venture was not very successful.

It turned out that the roadside space we used was scheduled to be closed at 07z and we had to go QRT at 0630z. We were told that local people complained of high noises by motorists and motorcyclists who liked to use winding road leading to Mt. Tsukuba, and this park was a resting and gathering place for them.

In addition, our new antenna, a modified SVDA for the 15 meter band, was still in the experimental stage, and we had trouble feeding power into the antenna well, especially for the first two hours.


I was relieved by the solid CW signals from Rob, VK4FFAB, but it was ironic that they came just after I switched the supposed beam to the north by changing the reflector to the director. Thanks to Rob’s spotting, I logged eleven contacts, mostly with EUs, in the last 10 minutes of the operation from that QTH.
Take, JA1FAQ, had CW contacts with V8, BG and UA9 stations. Our phone CQ calls were not all in vain as a couple of local JA stations called us. Take also had CW contacts with EUs, after we moved to a nearby smaller space, before we gave up that second QTH due to rain.
I found a spotting by a W station of JA1FAQ/p after I came home. We also received a 559 SWL report from one of the local club members at the foot of Tokyo Tower in central Tokyo.

It was a nice spring day for outdoor activities during the day and we enjoyed the good view of the Kanto plain and Lake Kasumigaura.

The access was easy with 170km roundtrip.

Img_9333sMt. Tsukuba from the park near the first QTH. We were afraid that signals from EU were blocked by the mountain, but EU signals came through all right.





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