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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2015年2月14日 (土)

My First Portable Operation in 2015 荒川河川敷移動

I went to the riverside of the Ara River last Thursday, February 12, to operate radio from outdoors for the first time this year.
I had those tireless and resourceful operators of K1N on Navassa Island in mind, but I also wanted to try a new procedure to assemble my quadruple band hex beam.

The day turned out to be an exceptionally mild day for mid-winter. The band conditions were also very good and I was very excited to hear dynamic signals from the Caribbean Sea.
I called the station several times on 10 and 12 meter bands, but the pile-ups appeared too big to give any chance to small pistols and I did not bother to push on.
As I had just started to use the sound recording function of my camera, several sound clips were brought home.

10 meter band. OP: W2GD (ClubLog)


12 meter band. OP: W6IZT (ClubLog)

15 meter band. OP: K9CT (ClubLog)

The new assembling method was not so efficient and it took about an hour and a half to finish. I turned my transceiver on at around 0830 JST (2330z, Feb. 11). The signals from Navassa on the 15 meter band faded out after 1030J (0130z).
I would like to write a report on hex beam assembling later in a separate article.

12日(木)は今年初めての移動運用に行ってみました。例のK1N のDXペディションを聞いてみることと先日から考えていたヘックス・ビーム組み立ての新しい手順を試すことが目的でした。

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