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2014年11月 9日 (日)

Old Photos of a U.S. City アメリカ東部の街の昔の写真

One of the large cities in the eastern region of the United States was the place where I lived for two years and attended a school. I had an occasion to dine with a Japanese scholar and his wife, who came back to Japan from the city to take part in a gathering of their relatives, with two of my friends, last Thursday evening. I became acquainted with all of them in the city forty-some years ago.
As the scholar’s family had been settled in the city already when my friends and I went to the city, the family were kind to invite us to their home for occasional parties held for local Japanese. I was not sure when I saw the scholar last time, but it must have been more than twenty years ago. We were able to hear interesting information about the recent situations of the U.S. and the city.

Dh000019_2s_2                    The city is known for the three rivers. There was a fort at the confluence in old days.



                      I shared one unit of the row house with three students.

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