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2014年8月 7日 (木)

Portable JAFF-050 ヤビツ峠移動運用

Went to the Yabitsu Pass in the Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park for hiking and radio operation on Tuesday, August 5. The pass is 761 meter high and is between 1,248 meter high Mt. Oyama and the Tanzawa Mountains, the highest peak of them being 1,673 meter high. The Q-NP area is in Kanagawa Prefecture in the call area number one of Japan.

Img_8203sLooking north. The parking space for 26 vehicles is behind the bus that comes only twice a day on weekdays.

Img_8238sThe left side seemed better for transmission towards Europe, but as tree branches hindered setting of an antenna, I chose the right side.

Img_8253sbI set a loaded vertical for 40 meter band at first around 0300 UTC, and then a vertical for 17 meter band (photo) was set after 06 UTC.
I logged a total of 21 CW contacts on the 40, 17 and 15 meter bands; 6 of those were oversea and 15 were JAs. I had not expected many DX contacts as the antenna was modest and I had to leave the site before sunset. Thanks go to BV3TO, RN3ZBB and RY7G, the oversea callers in the afternoon.
I had thought more domestic QSOs were possible, but many Japanese operators watching the 40 meter band seemed unfamiliar with the WWFF program, and some appeared to be perplexed with “/p” as I sent out "MY CALL/p".

As I found a small space up about 30 steps above the parking lot, I would like to go back again someday to add at least 23 more QSOs. One factor that makes me hesitate is that the risk of an earthquake in the western Kanagawa is said to be high.

都合で0820 UTC にQRTしましたが、夏場のコンディションから、明るいうちはあまりできないと思っていたので、海外は、この程度で仕方ないと思います。
国内は、いつもお世話になっている新潟のJA0LXP局の強さからみても、もう少しできるのではないかと思ったのですが、どうもWWFFを知らない局が多いようなのと、この日は呼び出し符号に付加した"/p"を変則と思って、コールを打たずに"?"、"/p ?"とだけ打ってくる局が2局もあり、"portable" で、DXアワードなので、"/p"で出ているとか、説明したつもりですが、CWなので、十分に分かってもらえなかったようでした。結局、2局とも、コールも分からず、レポートももらえずでした。7メガには、いろいろな局がいるものだと、改めて認識しました。

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