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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2014年5月26日 (月)

Portable JAFF-048, Minamiboso Q-NP 南房総国定公園移動運用(2)

It was difficult for me to sleep well in my vehicle during the night of May 22-23 local time. I had planned to get up at 1800 UTC (0300 JST), but I got out of the sleeping bag at 1700 and put the hex-beam on top of the pole helped by the light of a cap lamp.
My radio transmission was started at 1735 on 17 meter band and calls mostly from Europe kept coming for half an hour until 20 contacts were logged. It was a bit surprising that N7KSB called me at 1752.
There were only a few callers after that. 7 contacts were logged between 1828 and 1939.

Img_8053s The hex-beam seen from below down the slope about 15m towards northwest. (Shot at 2011 UTC) 運用地の下、磯のレベルから見上げたところです。15mくらいの高台になっています。

I turned my beam to northeast and called CQ looking for North American stations intermittently. I had a contact with WD9Q at 0024 UTC, May 23 on 15 meter band.
その後、2100 UTC過ぎからは、アンテナを北東方向に向けて、北米方面との交信を試みましたが、聞こえる局はあるのですが、コールはなく、0024にWD9Q局と交信したのが、唯一の呼ばれての交信でした。
Img_8079s View towrds northeast, the direction of North America.

As I announced my plan to look for VK WWFF hunters by SSB every hour on the hour on May 23 in the BBS of the WWFF Australia Yahoo Group, I turned my beam to south and went on the air on various bands according to my schedule. It was really exciting to hear the voice of ZL3GQ at 0508 on 10m band. Another phone contact was made with ZL3ADT about ten minutes later. I am sorry to report that I could not log any VK station, but those contacts with ZL stations seemed to suggest that phone contacts with Australian stations were not impossible.
今回は、できればオーストラリアのWWFFハンターと交信ができないかと、VKのWWFFの掲示板に移動予定を書き込み、23日は、00 UTCから06 UTCまで、毎時にSSBで電波を出すとアナウンスしたので、ほぼそのとおり、マイクを使いました。0500からのとき(28メガ)、そろそろやめて、CWに移ろうかというころに、ZL3GQからコールがあり、交信ができました。同局がクラスターに上げてくれたので、ZL3ADTとも交信できました。普段フォーンにあまり出ることがなく、ましてやDX向けにCQなど出したことがない当局としては、このようにDXから呼ばれるのは、初めてのことかも知れず、ちょっと心が躍りました。
Img_8058s Shot at 0200 UTC.

After the contact with RX3DE at 0614, we closed our radio operation and headed home around 0800.
I logged 123 contacts altogether. Those were mostly with oversea stations but 7 Japanese stations were logged. I would like to thank all the callers, and hope to see them again soon.
午後は、0600 UTCから15分ほどの運用を最後にQRTし、撤収作業をして、帰途につきました。当局は、合計で123交信(うちJAは7局)をログしました。呼んで下さった各局、どうもありがとうございました。

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