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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2014年5月25日 (日)

Portable JAFF-048, Minamiboso Q-NP 南房総国定公園移動運用(1)

JA1FAQ and I operated portable JAFF-048 on Thursday, May 22nd and Friday, 23rd.
Arrived at the Odaiba-kaihinteien (seaside battery garden) camping ground before local noon (03 UTC).

The weather was fine then. Izu Oshima Island could be seen to the southwest. (Shot at 0307 UTC) 到着後の南西方面の展望で、伊豆大島が見えていました。ただ、東京湾方面には、雲がかかっていて、予報のにわか雨が来るのかどうか、気にしながらの設営、運用でした。
The Suno Saki Lighthouse, ARLHS JPN-601. (Shot at 0309 UTC) It stands about 300m inland to the southeast from our operation site.
The height of focal plane 45m, the height of tower 15m, and the range 15 miles.
The camping and the first antenna, a dipole for 40 and 15 meter bands, were ready. The volume of cloud was increasing. Shot at 0559 UTC looking south, VK direction.
At 0700 UTC, started to assemble a hex-beam and it was completed before 0800. Started to operate on the 15m band at 0805, on a camping table and called by UX7LA two minutes later. After working mostly EU 17 stations in 20 minutes, we realize it was going to rain. We went QRT and rushed to bring rigs inside our vehicles and pulled down the hex-beam.

It rained light while we had supper under a parasol.

As it stopped raining, I set the beam again and started to work radio in my vehicle again at 1109 UTC. Worked 69 stations in a little less than one hour, but it appeared that a thunder storm was closing in to our QTH. We shut the station down again, gave up the operation during local evening hour. I saw and heard severe storm in my sleeping bag in vehicle rolling by strong winds. We were lucky that our tent was not blown, but the inside was inundated making it unusable.

Img_8049s The photo above was shot at 2007 UTC, early morning local time, looking northwest, EU direction. The beam was used at the height of about 4 meters, but it had been set higher with one more section of the pole, 1.5m, extended during the first series of operation.

(To be continued. 続く)

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