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2013年12月30日 (月)

Eno Island 江の島

Eno Island (Eno Shima) is an island in the Sagami Bay about 50 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. It is very close to Honshu Island and was possible to cross the channel on foot using a sand pit when tide was low, but water got deeper and there are bridges for pedestrians and automobiles now. The island has been a sacred place with shrines and a spot for recreation. My taicho (platoon leader) and I went to the island the day before yesterday and enjoyed good sceneries and walking in a fine winter day. I bought a lighthouse calendar for 2014 at “Lighthouse Keeper.” (There is an article in this blog dated January 30 of this year about this small shop for lighthouse related goods.) The owner of the shop was not there and I was told that he had gone for an oversea tour.

Img_7292s        Mt. Fuji from the Eno Shima bridge.

Img_7284s       Uba Islands aka Eboshi Rocks and Mt. Fuji from Eno Shima.

Img_7285s         O Island (Izu O Shima), the largest island in the North Izu Islands, IOTA AS-008.


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