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2013年11月25日 (月)

CQ WW DX Contest CW, 2013  コンテスト参加

I took part in the contest last weekend on the 10 and 15 meter bands, not competing but with a few priorities. 50 contacts on 28MHz band and 45 contacts on 21 bands were logged.
① Stations in the DXCC entities that had not been worked were chased. I was able to have contacts with four new ones; one in the Middle East, three in the Caribbean Sea and one on the northern coast of South America, although two Caribbean stations were in fact recoveries of lost ones because of the reorganization of the Netherland Antilles. In addition, I had a contact with another new in the Caribbean Sea before the contest. I was greatly helped by a DX cluster and RBN.
② I tried to call distant stations, namely Zone 5 in North America and Zone 14 in Europe, but could not log many: 11 contacts with Zone 5, and 4 with Zone 14 two bands combined. I ended up calling quite a few stations in Zones 4 and 15.
③ QRS CQ calls were transmitted occasionally near the upper ends of the CW bands. Thanks to the callers with good years to hear my weak 50 watt signals through a dual band HB9CV antenna, I received five calls including W6KH, VA7CRZ and WW7D(?). I was pleased to have contacts with stations that appeared to be outside of serious competition.

土・日・月は、WW CWでしたが、いつものように「参加することに意義がある」スタイルで、適当に出てみました。バンドは現在出られる21メガと28メガで、交信数は21で45、28では50でした。①DXCCのニュー・エンティティーとの交信、②聞こえている範囲で遠いところとの交信、③CQを出して呼んでもらえるかテスト、などを目安にして電波を出しました。
まだ未交信エンティティーはたくさんありますが、当局のロケーションは、50メートルほど南に幹線道路があり、沿道に高層マンションが並んでいるので、アフリカ方面は良く聞こえないし、飛びません。コンディションは下がって行くし、この辺で頭打ちかも知れません。There are high-rise condominiums to the southwest from my home. I cannot hear signals from Africa well due to this unfavorable condition.



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