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2013年8月31日 (土)

Portable JAFF-005 みずがき山自然公園移動運用

There are seven national parks whose areas are larger than 100,000ha in Japan and the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, JAFF-005, is one of them with a 126,000ha park area. I had been to this park for JAFF activation three times before, but those activities took place in the eastern Tama area. I went to the western Kai area (“Kai” is the old name for the present Yamanashi prefecture) and operated radio with a couple of radio amateurs yesterday and the day before. The camping ground we stayed is called Mizugakiyama Nature Park, 1,460 meter above sea level, and is situated on the western slope of 2,230 meter high Mt. Mizugaki.

I logged 55 oversea and 46 JA contacts with the total of one over one hundred contacts. We used a two element vertical dipole array for 15 meter band for oversea and a makeshift vertical for domestic contacts. Many thanks for callers.


Looking due east. Our antenna, tent and tarp in front of Mt. Mizugaki. Campers are asked to park their cars in the parking space during evening hours.
I had thought it was impossible to have contacts with stations in the Kanto region behind the mountain planning this activity, but several contacts were logged. It may have been by scatter propagation.

Img_6395s The view of the northwestern direction. There is a ridge about 300m away.

Img_6432sThe view of the west with the Yatsugatake mountain range far away. The propagation to this direction appeared very good: I was called by a VU station.





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