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2013年8月 9日 (金)

Portable JAFF-052

The Myogi-Arafune-Sakukogen Quasi-National Park, WWFF/WFF JAFF-052, has a mountainous park area along the border between Gunma in JA’s call area number one and Nagano in the call area number zero. There is a pass on the national highway route 254 by the name of Uchiyama Pass at the border of the two prefectures, and there is a spacious camping ground near the pass at the height of about 1,200 meters above sea level.
I went there the day before yesterday to escape from severe heat in Tokyo and to test a hex beam antenna, or a hexagonal beam, that has not been used for more than a year.
The camping ground was not so crowded as I had worried; I was able to park and erect antenna at the best place despite the fact that I left home almost eleven o’clock local time after finishing an appointment.
I did not set wire elements for higher two bands and the main antenna was a dual band one for 17 and 15 meter bands. The band conditions did not appear to be very good but I managed to log 41 oversea contacts. Most contacts were made between 1154 and 1245 UTC, on Wednesday, August 7, on 15 meter band by CW.
I set a simple vertical antenna for 40 and 30 meter bands next morning and logged about 50 domestic contacts.


          The hex beam and a view toward southeast and Mt. Arafune.

Img_6319ps           Looking northwest.

          The link to the photo of the vertical below:







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