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2013年8月31日 (土)

Portable JAFF-005 みずがき山自然公園移動運用

There are seven national parks whose areas are larger than 100,000ha in Japan and the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, JAFF-005, is one of them with a 126,000ha park area. I had been to this park for JAFF activation three times before, but those activities took place in the eastern Tama area. I went to the western Kai area (“Kai” is the old name for the present Yamanashi prefecture) and operated radio with a couple of radio amateurs yesterday and the day before. The camping ground we stayed is called Mizugakiyama Nature Park, 1,460 meter above sea level, and is situated on the western slope of 2,230 meter high Mt. Mizugaki.

I logged 55 oversea and 46 JA contacts with the total of one over one hundred contacts. We used a two element vertical dipole array for 15 meter band for oversea and a makeshift vertical for domestic contacts. Many thanks for callers.


Looking due east. Our antenna, tent and tarp in front of Mt. Mizugaki. Campers are asked to park their cars in the parking space during evening hours.
I had thought it was impossible to have contacts with stations in the Kanto region behind the mountain planning this activity, but several contacts were logged. It may have been by scatter propagation.

Img_6395s The view of the northwestern direction. There is a ridge about 300m away.

Img_6432sThe view of the west with the Yatsugatake mountain range far away. The propagation to this direction appeared very good: I was called by a VU station.





2013年8月22日 (木)

目黒川 The Meguro River





Img_6282s       下流方向を望む。左手に中目黒公園。



Img_6267s       別所坂。中央の電柱の右が階段。

Img_6266s       別所坂の最上部。


The Meguro River is a short river that flows in Setagaya-ku and Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, and enters the Tokyo Bay near the Shinagawa station. Most upstream parts have been covered by pedestrian park lanes and cannot be seen. There is a steep slope on the  eastern side of the river around the Ebisu, Daikanyama, and Nakameguro area.

2013年8月18日 (日)

My Entry to the ILLW 2013 ILLW参加

The Anori Saki Lighthouse is at the tip of a cape in Mie Prefecture, but the present structure was built in 1948, and the old wooden lighthouse is preserved by the Museum of Maritime Science in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.


I went to the park adjacent to the museum yesterday afternoon to participate in the ILLW 2013, operating radio from about 0800 UTC through 1330. The lighthouse number allocated for this historic lighthouse by the manager of the event is JP0008.


I had 34 contacts; 13 of them were with oversea stations; two with lighthouse stations, 9M4LHC and 9M2MI. As I used a simple vertical antenna, it had been expected that oversea contacts were difficult. I was greatly helped by spotting to the web cluster. My thanks go to JA1BPA, who called me and did QSY to send a report by my request on the air.

昨日、8月17日(土)の1700 JSTごろから2230 JST ころまで、ILLW 2013に参加して、旧安乗埼灯台(ILLW JP0008)付近(東京都品川区)からオンエアしました。ロケーションや使えるアンテナ、時間帯などから予想したとおり、あまり多くの交信はできませんでしたが、知り合いの局のクラスターへのスポットのお陰もあり、13局の海外局と交信ができました。また、マレーシアの灯台局2局とも交信することができました。インドの灯台局も聞こえたので呼んでみましたが、残念ながら届きませんでした。

2013年8月15日 (木)

ILLW 2013 and IOTA ILLWでの島からのオンエア局

Although the number of radio amateurs interested in lighthouses is limited, I think there are many who are chasing islands. As there are quite a few entries from the lighthouses built on islands, the ILLW may be one of the chances to have contacts with new islands. In this regard, I went through the list of entrants and picked up those stations that appear to be QRV from islands. I have checked the RSGB island list for the most of those stations.. Some stations are likely operating field day style, and may not be seeking DX contacts as readers know well.

VK3ATX     Gabo Island, OC-196
VK3VTH/7   King Island, OC-233
VK4CQR     Curtis Island, OC-142
VK4CWL     Kangaroo Island, SA, OC-139
VK4ILH     Cape Moreton Lh, OC-137
VK4LLE     Lady Elliot Island, OC-142
VK4TUL     Low Isles, OC-172

VE9GDI     Great Duck Island, NB, NA-014

OZ/DL1BWU    Romsoe (Romso?), EU-172

GB0NLH     Isle of Wight, EU-120

DF0WLG/lh    EU-057
DK0FC        EU-047

EJ4NIS     Aran Island, EU-006

9M2DY      Penang (Island?), AS-015?

9M2MI      Plau Undan, AS-097

PI4VPO/lh    EU-146

ZM2WB     Somes Island, Wellignton

                 (Not counted as separate from North Island due to bay location?)

DU1VLV    Corregidor, OC-244

MM0YET    Ailsa Craig, EU-123

SD7V/lh   Oland, EU-037
SK7RN     Isl. Oeland, EU-037?

CV5A      Isla de Flores, SA-030

W2GSB    Fire Island (NY), NA-026

W4H        Cape Hatteras (Hatteras Island), NA-067

WE8J      Saint Simmonds Island, GA, (St. Simons Island? NA-058?)
WR5J      Patos Island, WA, NA-065



(8月18日改訂、Revised Aug. 18, added 9M2MI)

2013年8月13日 (火)

ILLW 2013 国際灯台・灯台船週末






1. GB2LT     UK0000   Turnberry Lh, Scotland

2. VK2CE     AU0020   Green Cape Lightstation, NSW

3. VK7LH     AU0048   Low Head Lh, Tasmania

4. K6A &

   K6PV       US0033   Point Vicente Lh, CA

5. W7GC      US0012   Cape Meares Lh, OR





          ロー・ヘッド灯台 (2006年9月5日撮影)



The ILLW will be held during the next weekend.  There are 484 entrants to the event as of today.

2013年8月 9日 (金)

Portable JAFF-052

The Myogi-Arafune-Sakukogen Quasi-National Park, WWFF/WFF JAFF-052, has a mountainous park area along the border between Gunma in JA’s call area number one and Nagano in the call area number zero. There is a pass on the national highway route 254 by the name of Uchiyama Pass at the border of the two prefectures, and there is a spacious camping ground near the pass at the height of about 1,200 meters above sea level.
I went there the day before yesterday to escape from severe heat in Tokyo and to test a hex beam antenna, or a hexagonal beam, that has not been used for more than a year.
The camping ground was not so crowded as I had worried; I was able to park and erect antenna at the best place despite the fact that I left home almost eleven o’clock local time after finishing an appointment.
I did not set wire elements for higher two bands and the main antenna was a dual band one for 17 and 15 meter bands. The band conditions did not appear to be very good but I managed to log 41 oversea contacts. Most contacts were made between 1154 and 1245 UTC, on Wednesday, August 7, on 15 meter band by CW.
I set a simple vertical antenna for 40 and 30 meter bands next morning and logged about 50 domestic contacts.


          The hex beam and a view toward southeast and Mt. Arafune.

Img_6319ps           Looking northwest.

          The link to the photo of the vertical below:







2013年8月 3日 (土)

W3WFF/8 KFF-630 W局によるWWFFアクティビティー

アメリカ、ペンシルバニア州のN3GJにより、W3WFF/8 が5日から8日の予定で、KFF-630、クーパーズ・ロック・ステート・フォレスト(ウェストバージニア州)からQRVするとアナウンスされています。

ヤフーのグループ掲示板"Flora and Fauna International program"に出ています。





W3WFF/8 KFF-630 Activity      
Posted By: n3gj

Hi all!

W3WFF/8 will be active from KFF-630 Coopers Rock State Forest in Monongalia
County, West Virginia starting Monday 5 August 2013 through Thursday 8 August
Activity will be mainly 20/17/15 meter CW on or near WWFF freqs with 100w from
the FT-857D and Inv V antennas. May be some SSB if condx are good.
Log will be uploaded to WWFF log search and LoTW.
QSLs OK direct or buro via N3GJ.

More information on Coopers Rock State Forest at:

73 & 44!
George N3GJ


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