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2013年8月15日 (木)

ILLW 2013 and IOTA ILLWでの島からのオンエア局

Although the number of radio amateurs interested in lighthouses is limited, I think there are many who are chasing islands. As there are quite a few entries from the lighthouses built on islands, the ILLW may be one of the chances to have contacts with new islands. In this regard, I went through the list of entrants and picked up those stations that appear to be QRV from islands. I have checked the RSGB island list for the most of those stations.. Some stations are likely operating field day style, and may not be seeking DX contacts as readers know well.

VK3ATX     Gabo Island, OC-196
VK3VTH/7   King Island, OC-233
VK4CQR     Curtis Island, OC-142
VK4CWL     Kangaroo Island, SA, OC-139
VK4ILH     Cape Moreton Lh, OC-137
VK4LLE     Lady Elliot Island, OC-142
VK4TUL     Low Isles, OC-172

VE9GDI     Great Duck Island, NB, NA-014

OZ/DL1BWU    Romsoe (Romso?), EU-172

GB0NLH     Isle of Wight, EU-120

DF0WLG/lh    EU-057
DK0FC        EU-047

EJ4NIS     Aran Island, EU-006

9M2DY      Penang (Island?), AS-015?

9M2MI      Plau Undan, AS-097

PI4VPO/lh    EU-146

ZM2WB     Somes Island, Wellignton

                 (Not counted as separate from North Island due to bay location?)

DU1VLV    Corregidor, OC-244

MM0YET    Ailsa Craig, EU-123

SD7V/lh   Oland, EU-037
SK7RN     Isl. Oeland, EU-037?

CV5A      Isla de Flores, SA-030

W2GSB    Fire Island (NY), NA-026

W4H        Cape Hatteras (Hatteras Island), NA-067

WE8J      Saint Simmonds Island, GA, (St. Simons Island? NA-058?)
WR5J      Patos Island, WA, NA-065



(8月18日改訂、Revised Aug. 18, added 9M2MI)

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