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2013年3月14日 (木)

Portable Mt. Takao, JAFF-049 高尾山移動運用

I went to Mt. Takao to activate WFF/WWFF JAFF-049, the Meiji Memorial Forest Takao Quasi-National Park in Hachioji City, Tokyo yesterday. The location of the radio operation was the same as the place I went two years ago, but I rode trains instead of an automobile to get to the lower station of the Mt. Takao Cable Cars. (There is a paved road to climb the mountain, but its use by visitor's vehicles is prohibited.)  It took about an hour and a half from where I live and to the destination.
A full size loop antenna for ten and twelve meter bands were set up, but the latter was used most of the time. I logged 26 contacts on the 24MHz band by CW with about 20 watts output power; 18 with Europe, 2 with Oceania and the rest with Asia including 2 with Japan. A light-weight 20Ah lithium-ion battery was brought with me as a power source. The number of oversea contacts was less than that of two years ago, but considering the fact that I did not announce the activation beforehand, I think it was not so bad. It was good to have been able to use 12 meter band in the seeming peak of the sun spot cycle 24.

Img_5460sThe conifers with strait trunks are Momi firs, Abies firma.
Mt. Takao is one of the few places in the Kanto Region where natural growth of this species is seen.


A matching box is set at the feeding point; an SWR meter is hanging below. An ICOM IC-706 tranceiver is on the box to the right.

Img_5469s View from the location towards Europe. The elevation is about 500m.

昨日は、高尾山へ行き、明治の森高尾国定公園、JAFF-049 からアマチュア無線の移動運用をしました。一昨年に行ったのと同じ場所ですが、前から車を使わず、電車で行けないかと思っていて、用事がなく、天気も良さそうなことが分かったので、実行してみました。強風が予報されていて、昼ごろからときどき突風のような風が吹き荒れました。2枚目の写真のようにカートを使って玉網の竿を支えているので、安定が悪く、根元から倒れそうになったこともありますが、手で支えて、その度にステーのロープを増やし、午後4時前くらいまでなんとか持ちこたえました。写真は午前中のわりに静かなときのものです。



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