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2013年1月30日 (水)

Lighthouse Goods Shop 「ライトハウスキーパー」

There is a shop that claims to be the only shop of lighthouse goods in Japan at Katase, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa. As my relative family is living near this shop, I often browse the shop when I visit the relatives. I went there yesterday and bought the only remaining lighthouse calendar of this year. The name of the shop is “Lighthouse Keeper”. The owner of the shop also organizes seminars and tours for lighthouse lovers. (Please see my comment of April 22, 2012)



I brought a transceiver, a kite for lifting antenna wire and a battery with me having an activation of the Eno Shima Lighthouse, ARLHS JPN-059, in mind, but did not have enough spare time to do it yesterday. The beach area in the photo below is within the 1,000m radius from the lighthouse and is suitable for activation. Wind was not strong enough for my kite either, yesterday.


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