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2012年12月10日 (月)

Landing Sites of Commodore Perry ぺリーの上陸地

Commodore Matthew C. Perry, U.S.N., landed at Yokohama and signed the Treaty of Amity and Friendship, or the Convention of Kanagawa, one hundred and fifty-eight years ago. The photo of the stone globe below is the monument to commemorate the site. It is at the Kaiko Square, meaning the opening of the port square.


Commodore Perry came to Japan in the previous year and landed at Kurihama, near Yokosuka, both close to the southern tip of Miura Peninsula to present a letter from the president of the United States asking the opening of Japan to foreign countries. There is a big monument to commemorate this landing.

Perry_landing_monument_s               The tall stone monument is at the center. Nov. 2011.

Readers may notice that Kurihama and Yokohama both end with “hama”, meaning a beach. I have come to realize that this is the key word. A landing site must have some space to build a temporary reception building and the Shogun’s government chose sites with sandy beaches in those days. Those beaches must have been convenient for landing by boats from the U. S. N. fleet. There remains no sandy beach in Yokohama now due to the development of the first port opened to the international community except Nagasaki.




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