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2012年7月 3日 (火)

QSL Cards, UA9s

I picked up three cards came from the western part of Asiatic Russia, UA9.

Few JA radio amateurs show these cards because it is easy to contact stations in that region. Well, I admit that I have an inclination to try something other people do not do. Contacts  with Asiatic Russian stations are significant when I am activating WFF numbers. It is often the case that European stations start to call me after my contact with a Asiatic Russian station and a spottin on the web-cluster by the operator.

I am also trying to remember the names and locations of Siberian oblasts indicated by prefixes. I bring a map printed from the site of EI8IC with me for portable operation. To my regret, the map is no longer found in his site.


UA9OD:  the call printed on this side of the card is a former call. Contact was made in October 2010 from JAFF-005 on 15m band. QTH is Novosibirsk, the same place as of RR9O, the beacon station. The location is near the center of Siberia.

RA9QBQ:  in Kurganskaya oblast. QSO was made in October 2011 from JAFF-061 on 10m band.

RX9WN:  in Bashukortostan Republic in southern Ural Mounains and adjacent to European Russia. Worked in October 2011 from JAFF-012 on 17m band.




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