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2012年7月 1日 (日)

QSL Cards, A65CA etc.

I received a package of QSL cards from the JARL bureau the day before yesterday.

A couple of cards have been picked up from them and are shown here.


A6, the U. A. E. is not a rare entity for most DXCC hunters, but it is a new one for me.

I did not bother sending my card and an SAE directly to the station, and am pleased to recieve this card via the bureau all right.

The contact with A65CA was made in October 2010 from a parking lot along the Okutama Park Way, in WFF JAFF-005, the Chichibu-Tama National Park, using a fishing-rod vertical antenna on top of my car. I was called by this station and it may be a rare case to be called from the Middle East when operating in JA1 region. The operator seems to be hunting WFF stations because he is a Russian. This may show how lucrative a WFF activation from Japan is at present. I should keep it to myself and had better not to translate this paragraph into Japanese.

He asks other operators not to confuse his callsign with AB6CA in his page. That was exactly what I was about to do. I remember that his call made me wonder why there was a caller from the U.S. when all other callers were from Europe and Asia.

The operator's voice recorded in Costa Rica by TI2CDA can be heard by YouTube.

I do not hunt WFF stations seriously from my home as it is almost impossible to have contacts with European portable stations from my present home station. The contact with DA0CW/p, portable Nature Park Hassberge, WFF DLFF-064, in August last year on 17 meter band, CW, is a rare exception. I found its signal and succeeded to have a contact helped probably by operator's good ears and by some luck.



A65CAは、 のページで、AB6CA と間違う局が多いので注意してほしいと書いていましたが、まさにその間違いをしそうで、一瞬、なぜ今ごろ北米が聞こえるのかといぶかしく思ったことを思い出します。


DL0CW/p は、ホームからのアクティビティーが低く、WFFもハンティングの方は真面目にやっていない(できない)当局にとり、珍しい1枚なので、登場願いました。去年の8月にこの交信ができたのは、先方の耳の良さと幸運に助けられてのことでしょう。


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