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2012年7月 2日 (月)

連盟と協会 League and Society



ARRL: 理事は、15の地域(district)から1人ずつ、15人選ばれる。任期3年で、選挙は毎年5地域ずつ行われる。会員総会の規定は見当たらない。(連盟方式)

RSGB: 理事は、会員総会と会員の投票で選ばれる。(協会方式)


RAC: 理事は、7の地域(region)から1人ずつ、7人選ばれる。

WIA: 理事は、会員総会で選ばれる。

JARL: 移行前は、社員総会が最高決定機関であったので、基本的には協会的な考え方で組織されていたと見るべきでしょう。

(地方定数、支部定数を合算した場合の1社員当たりの会員数は、最少が北陸で 257人、最大が関東で844人、格差3.28倍) 〔「みんなでやろうJARL改革!」ブログ掲載資料より計算〕


I tried to see the organizational principles of ARRL, RSGB and JARL. The JARL used to have a general meeting of all members for important decisions. It was closer to a society in spite of its name. After the reorganization following changes of the national corporetion law, a representative method was introduced. 84 representing members ("members" according to the new law) are electoed from ten regions (call areas) and 54 representing members are elected from divisions (prefectures and Hokkaido shicho).

There is a considarable discrepancy in the weight of one vote of a member between regions:  a vote of Hokuriku, the 9th region member is 3.28 times heavier than that of Kanto, the 1st region member. In view of this revision, I think that the JARL has been transformed towards the direction of the league type organization.

Fifteen nominees for directors are elected by members as follows: 5 from country at large and 10 from 10 regions. In addition, the incumbent board can nominate 2. Each nominee is approved and become a director or disapproved by the general assembly of the representing members. The first assembly held on June 24 denied four nominees out of seventeen.

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