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2012年7月25日 (水)

Great Eight Islands 大八島(大八洲)

The islands of Japan were made by Izanagi and Izanami, a god and a godess, according to "Kojiki", one of the oldest history books of Japan. Eight islands, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, Awaji, Iki, Tsu, Oki and Sado, were made at first, and they made six smaller islands afterwards. So, Japan is also known as "Oyashima", meaning the Great Eight Islands.

Later, sometime at the end of the seventh century or at the beginning of the eighth century, the coontry was divided into sixty-eight kuni or provinces for administrative purposes. Both Awaji and Sado were given the status of independent province.

The RSGB has a nice award program of the IOTA, Island on the Air, and the IOTA contest will be held during the next weekend. I think it is a good program and have enjoyed it on the activator's side several times, although I am not a holder of the award. However, I find some problems in the program. One of them is that it does not recognize the historic difference of Awaji and Sado mentioned above: it only has one island group, Honshu's Coastal Islands, IOTA AS-117, for those two big islands together with many other islands.


I happened to visit those two islands in the spring of the year before the last. As every Japanese knows, they are quite different in terms of geography, climate, history etc. I composed an e-mail to send to the manager of the award program, but gave up sending it as I was nobody in the program.


(The northern tip of Awaji Island seen from the Akashi Strait.)


(The northern coastline of Sado Island viewed from the top of Onogame, a cape with a steep hill.)



今度の週末にIOTAコンテストがあります。筆者は、IOTAのチェイサーではありませんが、アクティベーションの面で、この賞のおかげで、楽しませていただき、良いプログラムだと思っています。ただ、若干の問題点を感じていて、その一つが、本州沿岸の島のグループ、AS-117 として、淡路も佐渡も一緒にされてしまっていることです。英国から遠く、言葉も違うことで、島のグループの指定が地理や歴史を考慮しないものになってしまっているのでしょうか。


2012年7月19日 (木)

Inokashira Park 井の頭公園

It was very hot this afternoon. I went to the Inokashira Park near the Japan Rail Kichijoji Station about fifteen kilometers west from downtown tokyo. There is a spring and a pond. The Kanda River flows out from here.




2012年7月13日 (金)

QSL Cards, UA0s

The call area number zero of Russia may be the largest call area in the world.

The package of cards I received recently contained two colorful cards from both ends of the area: UA0A, Krasnoyarsk, and UA0Z, Kamchatka.


UA0APV: I worked this station from JAFF-052, the Myogi-Arafune-Saku Quasi-National Park in June 2011. According to the page of this station, a photo of Lake Svetloe in Ergaki Nature Park (RFF-208), West Sayan Mountains, is used for the card. I had thought that the central part of Siberia was flat, but there are high mountains.

RA0ZN: this station sent me two cards, one for our contact in the same portable operation as above, and another for our contact in October 2010. I operated in JAFF-005, the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park then.

The location of this station is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. I have seen the name of this port city reading history books of Japan in the nineteenth century. It also appears in the book on Jean François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse, the great French expeditioner of the eighteenth century, whose name is used to identify many landmarks in the Pacific. The Soya Strait is also known as the La Perouse Strait in Europe.

UA0のカードです。世界で一番広いコールエリアかも知れません。 たまたま、このエリアの東西の端のカードが最近の転送分に入っていました。UA0A は、西のクラスノヤスルク、UA0Z は、東のカムチャッカです。

西の端の方は、シベリア中央部で平原のようなイメージを持っていましたが、高山もあるようで、上のUA0APVのカードの写真は、西サヤン山脈にあるエルガキ自然公園、RFF-208 のものだそうです。



2012年7月 5日 (木)

JARL社員総会(5) -A氏との対話-

またまた取り上げたくなったのですが、書いていたらやたらと長くなってしまったので、ウェブ・ページ("General Information")に小さい字で載せました。これで当分終わりです。


2012年7月 3日 (火)

QSL Cards, UA9s

I picked up three cards came from the western part of Asiatic Russia, UA9.

Few JA radio amateurs show these cards because it is easy to contact stations in that region. Well, I admit that I have an inclination to try something other people do not do. Contacts  with Asiatic Russian stations are significant when I am activating WFF numbers. It is often the case that European stations start to call me after my contact with a Asiatic Russian station and a spottin on the web-cluster by the operator.

I am also trying to remember the names and locations of Siberian oblasts indicated by prefixes. I bring a map printed from the site of EI8IC with me for portable operation. To my regret, the map is no longer found in his site.


UA9OD:  the call printed on this side of the card is a former call. Contact was made in October 2010 from JAFF-005 on 15m band. QTH is Novosibirsk, the same place as of RR9O, the beacon station. The location is near the center of Siberia.

RA9QBQ:  in Kurganskaya oblast. QSO was made in October 2011 from JAFF-061 on 10m band.

RX9WN:  in Bashukortostan Republic in southern Ural Mounains and adjacent to European Russia. Worked in October 2011 from JAFF-012 on 17m band.




2012年7月 2日 (月)










連盟と協会 League and Society



ARRL: 理事は、15の地域(district)から1人ずつ、15人選ばれる。任期3年で、選挙は毎年5地域ずつ行われる。会員総会の規定は見当たらない。(連盟方式)

RSGB: 理事は、会員総会と会員の投票で選ばれる。(協会方式)


RAC: 理事は、7の地域(region)から1人ずつ、7人選ばれる。

WIA: 理事は、会員総会で選ばれる。

JARL: 移行前は、社員総会が最高決定機関であったので、基本的には協会的な考え方で組織されていたと見るべきでしょう。

(地方定数、支部定数を合算した場合の1社員当たりの会員数は、最少が北陸で 257人、最大が関東で844人、格差3.28倍) 〔「みんなでやろうJARL改革!」ブログ掲載資料より計算〕


I tried to see the organizational principles of ARRL, RSGB and JARL. The JARL used to have a general meeting of all members for important decisions. It was closer to a society in spite of its name. After the reorganization following changes of the national corporetion law, a representative method was introduced. 84 representing members ("members" according to the new law) are electoed from ten regions (call areas) and 54 representing members are elected from divisions (prefectures and Hokkaido shicho).

There is a considarable discrepancy in the weight of one vote of a member between regions:  a vote of Hokuriku, the 9th region member is 3.28 times heavier than that of Kanto, the 1st region member. In view of this revision, I think that the JARL has been transformed towards the direction of the league type organization.

Fifteen nominees for directors are elected by members as follows: 5 from country at large and 10 from 10 regions. In addition, the incumbent board can nominate 2. Each nominee is approved and become a director or disapproved by the general assembly of the representing members. The first assembly held on June 24 denied four nominees out of seventeen.

2012年7月 1日 (日)

QSL Cards, A65CA etc.

I received a package of QSL cards from the JARL bureau the day before yesterday.

A couple of cards have been picked up from them and are shown here.


A6, the U. A. E. is not a rare entity for most DXCC hunters, but it is a new one for me.

I did not bother sending my card and an SAE directly to the station, and am pleased to recieve this card via the bureau all right.

The contact with A65CA was made in October 2010 from a parking lot along the Okutama Park Way, in WFF JAFF-005, the Chichibu-Tama National Park, using a fishing-rod vertical antenna on top of my car. I was called by this station and it may be a rare case to be called from the Middle East when operating in JA1 region. The operator seems to be hunting WFF stations because he is a Russian. This may show how lucrative a WFF activation from Japan is at present. I should keep it to myself and had better not to translate this paragraph into Japanese.

He asks other operators not to confuse his callsign with AB6CA in his page. That was exactly what I was about to do. I remember that his call made me wonder why there was a caller from the U.S. when all other callers were from Europe and Asia.

The operator's voice recorded in Costa Rica by TI2CDA can be heard by YouTube.

I do not hunt WFF stations seriously from my home as it is almost impossible to have contacts with European portable stations from my present home station. The contact with DA0CW/p, portable Nature Park Hassberge, WFF DLFF-064, in August last year on 17 meter band, CW, is a rare exception. I found its signal and succeeded to have a contact helped probably by operator's good ears and by some luck.



A65CAは、 のページで、AB6CA と間違う局が多いので注意してほしいと書いていましたが、まさにその間違いをしそうで、一瞬、なぜ今ごろ北米が聞こえるのかといぶかしく思ったことを思い出します。


DL0CW/p は、ホームからのアクティビティーが低く、WFFもハンティングの方は真面目にやっていない(できない)当局にとり、珍しい1枚なので、登場願いました。去年の8月にこの交信ができたのは、先方の耳の良さと幸運に助けられてのことでしょう。


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