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2012年6月17日 (日)

QRZ Logbook


Two contacts were added to my "QRZ Logbook" after my portable operation in JAFF-056 two weeks ago, and I confirmed them. Though these do not match with my original logbook precisely because I went on the air with two letters, a slash and a "0", attached to my call-sign, I have made it a rule to neglect these differences as the database does not accomodate portable designaters.

The Italian station, IZ3LCI, seems to have a hexbeam and to be an island station, IOTA EU-131, Veneto Region group near Venice.

I do not use this logbook positively, but entered a couple of lighthouse-related contacts worked by my portable operations as experiments.

By the way, the WFF program will become more enjoyable if hams in nearer countries such as China and Korea become more interested in it. In this regard I would like to list the callers from these two countries in my last portable operation here: BD3CT, BH4LOS, 6K2ACV, 6K2COU, HL1IBG.

移動運用で多くの局と交信すると、 のログブックに記入される交信が少しあります。先日のJAFF-056 の後には、2局が載りました。こちらは、移動運用なので、コールの後に2文字を付けていますから、厳密にいうとマッチしていないわけですが、これは無視してコンファームすることにしています。QRZが付加文字に対応していないので、仕方がないと思います。





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