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2012年6月19日 (火)

Portable Tateshina (2) 蓼科移動(続)

I finished converting my hand-written log of the contacts worked at Tateshina, Nagano, JAFF-056, into ADIF format this afternoon. In the process I checked QSL routes, QTH and other information of some of the stations in the log. I would like to introduce some of this information here.

SV8/HA0HW   Thassos Island, Greece, IOTA EU-174. The operator was the manager of the beacon monitor, HA0KHW, I set whose link to this blog about a month ago. As he gave me the information of his expedition in his mail of acceptance of linking, I was glad to find his solid signals on 17m band early morning of June 2 local time.

A65CJ   This station was also found on 17m. Though I was not aware about it at the time of the contact, the operator of this U.A.E. station seems to be a Japanese and a user of the "DX Vacation" BBS.

KH2/JF2CRP   Worked around Saturday noon, local tome, on 15m band.

EM2012EZ    This was a special event station commemorating the European Football Championship operated by UR7EZ. He gave me e-mail in reply to my on-line QSL request, and I came to know that he was interested in WFF. His point is over 450 now and I have served one to him before.

AJ2L/KH2   This was another Japanese operator active from a DX location.


(Guam Island, August 2005)

CT1IUA   This station appears to be active from the south coast of Portugal. It may be one of the farthest European stations from Japan.

JE1GWO   Worked this station on 15m, local Sunday afternoon. It may be the only Kanto station worked on HF high band. The signal was weak as a matter of course. Though I felt I had heared a similar call-sign before, partial check in my brain did not work well, and I was not confident if I copied the call correctly. By checking the call in the Internet, it was likely that I recorded one additional dot in the QSO. I entered the call without a dot. If I am right in doing so, this was the fourth contact between us. His WFF point is over 100.

本日、蓼科移動分の手書きログからADIFフォーマットのログへの変換を終え、WFF事務局にメールで送りました。ネットを利用して、コールしたペディション局のQSLルートを調べたり、コールのコピー に自信が無かったものを確かめたりしました。



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