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2012年6月25日 (月)

JARL Assembly JARL社員総会

I was surprised to read news this morning that four candidates for directors of the board of the Japan Amateur Radio League were denied to become directors in the assembly of representing members held yesterday afternoon in Tokyo. Sixteen candidates were selected by voting of all members a few months ago, and I thought those candidates would be selected automatically by the representing members who have legal authority to determine directors under the new charter of the league.

I would like to know what happened between the selection of the candidates and the assembly held yesterday. I think that most of the one hundred and thirty some representing members have common senses for democratic behaviors. It may have been a result of insensitive beheviors on the part of the denied candidates.

It is an incident to make me realize how serious and deep-rooted the antagonism in the organization has been. As enthusiastic hams are proud of, rather than ashamed of, appearing crazy on radio, it may not be appropriate to judge by common standards of the every day life.   




« Pedunculate Oak ヨーロッパナラの若葉 | トップページ | 「ら」で終わる名詞 Noun Ending with "Ra" »





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