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2012年6月29日 (金)

JARL Assembly (3) JARL社員総会(3)

Yesterday I found a blog of a representing member form the seventh distirct who raised his hand to disapprove the four candidates for directors last Monday. I thought his explanation was credible and found that my observation was right mostly.

He fulfilled his duty entrusted on him by the new by-law sincerely. However, he did not  consider that his action would alienate ordinary members who voted for rejected candidates. As this new by-law did not come voluntarily from members of the organizatin but became nesseary because of the enactment of the new law governing public interest organizations, the representing members should have used thier power with much restraint.

I cannot blame those new representing members much, because this was their first experience. We have learnt a lesson and should prepare for a next occasion.

The procedure of the election of the representatives should be more prudent. More important point is that the the number of representatives alloted to districts should be proportional to the number of members. Otherwise, there remains a possibility of differences in opinion between ordinary members and representing members.

I wrote I was a mere by-stander before but I sent my opinion on this point to the JARL when the draft of the new by-law was proposed. It may not be a decisive factor on the incident last Sunday but one of the factors that had influence on it. I is difficult to change the by-law, but we should act towards the revision having this unhappy experience in our mind.








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