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2012年6月29日 (金)

JARL Assembly (3) JARL社員総会(3)

Yesterday I found a blog of a representing member form the seventh distirct who raised his hand to disapprove the four candidates for directors last Monday. I thought his explanation was credible and found that my observation was right mostly.

He fulfilled his duty entrusted on him by the new by-law sincerely. However, he did not  consider that his action would alienate ordinary members who voted for rejected candidates. As this new by-law did not come voluntarily from members of the organizatin but became nesseary because of the enactment of the new law governing public interest organizations, the representing members should have used thier power with much restraint.

I cannot blame those new representing members much, because this was their first experience. We have learnt a lesson and should prepare for a next occasion.

The procedure of the election of the representatives should be more prudent. More important point is that the the number of representatives alloted to districts should be proportional to the number of members. Otherwise, there remains a possibility of differences in opinion between ordinary members and representing members.

I wrote I was a mere by-stander before but I sent my opinion on this point to the JARL when the draft of the new by-law was proposed. It may not be a decisive factor on the incident last Sunday but one of the factors that had influence on it. I is difficult to change the by-law, but we should act towards the revision having this unhappy experience in our mind.








2012年6月28日 (木)

JARL Assembly (2) JARL社員総会(2)

There are only a few visitors to this blog everyday, but I came to know through access analysis that several visitors opend it after I commented on the JARL assembly. I am a curious by-stander basically, but cannot help watching a fight on street.

1. Here are quotes from the "Webster's New World Dictionary":

"league  an association of nations, groups, etc. for promoting common interests"

"society  an organized group with some interests in common, a group of persons forming a single community"

I think the founders of the JARL chose the name imitating the organization of the U. S. A. As the organization in the U. K. was named a society, either word was possible then.

I have come to realize that the present JARL is organized with a strong inclinatin to a federation, or a league, of societies formed in each prefecture. The understandig of this point by many of the ordinary members including myself is lacking or weak, while to some members, especially to those who have taken part to the JARL activities previously, it is of great importance.

2. Some representing members thought that they were entitled to aprove or reject candidates on the basis of policy, presonality, etc. of the candidates. My understanding of the new charter (by-law) had been different: they could only reject when any serious defect such as a criminal record was found in certain candidate. In retrospect, my understanding is difficult to maintain since it is not clearly written in the charter. And it is possible that some representing members think so because they have more infromation than ordinary members on the management of the JARL. In order to improve the situation, the election of the representing members should be conducted more carefully provideing more infromation of their policies, experiences etc.

3.  It is said that candidates were asked to provide some basic CV information to representing members, and some candidates refused to oblige saying they did not have to disclose their personal information. If it was true, I think the judgement of those candidates were not good. They had to be aware that they were only candidates and had better keeping modest stance until they were approved. Many amateurs believe that they do not have much to hide once they have contacts with nothers. As the representing members were to approve the members of the board of a fairly big organization, some representing members may have felt belittled by this behavior of the candidates.

4. About an hour ago, a video program "Bones" was played on our TV set.

Bones (Dr. Brennan): "Do boys change after high school?"

Hodgins: "Only on the outside."

It made me laugh as I was thinking of the JARL and radio amateurs then.







ボーンズ(ブレナン博士、美人鑑識人類学者): 少年は成長する?

ホッジンズ: 見かけはね。

2012年6月27日 (水)

「ら」で終わる名詞 Noun Ending with "Ra"













I wrote about konara several days ago. There are some nouns ending with "ra" in Japanese. It is my arbitorary hypothesis that "Ra" is a sound to form nouns from other words.

A tipical example is "mogura", a mole. It is apparently related with "moguru", to burrow.

"Nara" may have come from "naru." "Naru" has many meanings including "to rattle," "to bear (acorns)." Other words: sakura, katsura, kujira, tora, kara, kura, hira, (hanabira), hara, yakara, ukara, harakara, hitogara, ibara.

2012年6月25日 (月)

JARL Assembly JARL社員総会

I was surprised to read news this morning that four candidates for directors of the board of the Japan Amateur Radio League were denied to become directors in the assembly of representing members held yesterday afternoon in Tokyo. Sixteen candidates were selected by voting of all members a few months ago, and I thought those candidates would be selected automatically by the representing members who have legal authority to determine directors under the new charter of the league.

I would like to know what happened between the selection of the candidates and the assembly held yesterday. I think that most of the one hundred and thirty some representing members have common senses for democratic behaviors. It may have been a result of insensitive beheviors on the part of the denied candidates.

It is an incident to make me realize how serious and deep-rooted the antagonism in the organization has been. As enthusiastic hams are proud of, rather than ashamed of, appearing crazy on radio, it may not be appropriate to judge by common standards of the every day life.   




2012年6月24日 (日)

Pedunculate Oak ヨーロッパナラの若葉


Here is a photo of new leaves of the pedunculate oak or European oak, Quercus robur, shot on April 12 for comparison.


2012年6月23日 (土)

Oak Seedling コナラ実生苗


I picked this oak seedling up from the ground under the withered European oak tree, Qurcus robur, about a month ago assuming that it was a seedling of European oak. It has turned out to be a seedling of konara tree, Quercus serrata, an oak species indigenous to Japan. It had only a few leaves then but many new leaves have grown since then.


2012年6月19日 (火)

Portable Tateshina (2) 蓼科移動(続)

I finished converting my hand-written log of the contacts worked at Tateshina, Nagano, JAFF-056, into ADIF format this afternoon. In the process I checked QSL routes, QTH and other information of some of the stations in the log. I would like to introduce some of this information here.

SV8/HA0HW   Thassos Island, Greece, IOTA EU-174. The operator was the manager of the beacon monitor, HA0KHW, I set whose link to this blog about a month ago. As he gave me the information of his expedition in his mail of acceptance of linking, I was glad to find his solid signals on 17m band early morning of June 2 local time.

A65CJ   This station was also found on 17m. Though I was not aware about it at the time of the contact, the operator of this U.A.E. station seems to be a Japanese and a user of the "DX Vacation" BBS.

KH2/JF2CRP   Worked around Saturday noon, local tome, on 15m band.

EM2012EZ    This was a special event station commemorating the European Football Championship operated by UR7EZ. He gave me e-mail in reply to my on-line QSL request, and I came to know that he was interested in WFF. His point is over 450 now and I have served one to him before.

AJ2L/KH2   This was another Japanese operator active from a DX location.


(Guam Island, August 2005)

CT1IUA   This station appears to be active from the south coast of Portugal. It may be one of the farthest European stations from Japan.

JE1GWO   Worked this station on 15m, local Sunday afternoon. It may be the only Kanto station worked on HF high band. The signal was weak as a matter of course. Though I felt I had heared a similar call-sign before, partial check in my brain did not work well, and I was not confident if I copied the call correctly. By checking the call in the Internet, it was likely that I recorded one additional dot in the QSO. I entered the call without a dot. If I am right in doing so, this was the fourth contact between us. His WFF point is over 100.

本日、蓼科移動分の手書きログからADIFフォーマットのログへの変換を終え、WFF事務局にメールで送りました。ネットを利用して、コールしたペディション局のQSLルートを調べたり、コールのコピー に自信が無かったものを確かめたりしました。



2012年6月17日 (日)

QRZ Logbook


Two contacts were added to my "QRZ Logbook" after my portable operation in JAFF-056 two weeks ago, and I confirmed them. Though these do not match with my original logbook precisely because I went on the air with two letters, a slash and a "0", attached to my call-sign, I have made it a rule to neglect these differences as the database does not accomodate portable designaters.

The Italian station, IZ3LCI, seems to have a hexbeam and to be an island station, IOTA EU-131, Veneto Region group near Venice.

I do not use this logbook positively, but entered a couple of lighthouse-related contacts worked by my portable operations as experiments.

By the way, the WFF program will become more enjoyable if hams in nearer countries such as China and Korea become more interested in it. In this regard I would like to list the callers from these two countries in my last portable operation here: BD3CT, BH4LOS, 6K2ACV, 6K2COU, HL1IBG.

移動運用で多くの局と交信すると、 のログブックに記入される交信が少しあります。先日のJAFF-056 の後には、2局が載りました。こちらは、移動運用なので、コールの後に2文字を付けていますから、厳密にいうとマッチしていないわけですが、これは無視してコンファームすることにしています。QRZが付加文字に対応していないので、仕方がないと思います。





2012年6月14日 (木)

A5, Bhutan ブータン

I succeeded to have a contact with A52JY in Bhutan on 20m band by CW early morning of Wednesday, June 13, local time (about a quarter past 2100 UTC, June 12).

I had wanted to have a contact with this DXpedition carried out by the five members of the Yamato Amateur Radio Club, JA1ZEK, since I knew one of them in person and had had some previous contacts with others. In addition, I had never contacted a station in the country.

As it is impossible for me to work a rare DXpedition by a fishing rod vertical antenna if there is any other caller, my tactic is to watch and call towards the end of the expedition; there may be a chance to work after most stations have worked them.

I could hear good signals of A52MA on Monday evening local time on 17m band, but there were still many callers and there was no chance for me. On Tuesday evening, I could not hear any CW signal from them, though I was able to hear solid phone signals of A52VE on 15m. I almost gave up to have a contact, but on Wednesday, I somehow woke up early in the morning fortunately. Though I did not hear any signal by myself, I found a spotting to a cluster by a W3 station in my PC. Tuning my tranceiver, I found CQ of A52JY on 20m band and could work him soon afterwards.

Ja1zek_hp_top_s( )

水曜日の朝、大和クラブのブータン・ペディションの一員、A52JY と交信することができました。バーチカルだけの常置場所の設備では、呼ぶ人が少なくなるぺディの終わり近くしかチャンスがありません。今回は、皆さんが、それぞれのコールで出ているので、呼ぶ人も減らないようで、ほとんどあきらめかけましたが、最終日の前日になんとか滑り込みでできました。


2012年6月10日 (日)

Ashida Post Town 芦田宿

On my way home from Tateshina Highland, I visited the historic post town of Ashida. It was one of sixty-nine post towns of Nakasendo (the Central Mountains Highway) and the twenty-sixth stage from Kyoto, the former capital city of Japan. The remaining building of the officially appointed prime inn (photos) was built in 1800. Nakasendo was much longer than the other ancient highway, Tokaido (the Eastern Coastal Highway), but travellers did not have to cross wide and dagerous rivers.


(Old highway. The gate of the prime inn to the right.)


(The gate of the prime inn)


(The guest house of the prime inn)



2012年6月 9日 (土)

Tateshina 蓼科

When I went to Tateshina, Nagano, last weekend, I stayed at the second floor of the dining room building of a lodging facility complex. This place is owned by the high school that I graduated long time ago and OBs and OGs can use it except in July and August. I could enjoy a good view of woods from the window of the west facing building. There is a dining room under the roof in the photo. Oak trees had catkins as it was much cooler at the place than in Tokyo, due to its altitude of about 1,450 meters above sea level.   




2012年6月 5日 (火)

Portable Radio from Tateshina 蓼科移動運用

I went to a small park on the northwestern slope of Mt. Tateshina last Friday and operated a portable radio station till Sunday. The altitude of the park is about 1,660m and it is in the area of the Yatsugatake-Chushinkogen Quasi-National Park, WFF JAFF-056.


According to my tentative count, 236 contacts were logged; 156 with oversea stations and 80 with Japanese stations. The best hours were from 0624UTC through 0824UTC Friday, June 1. I was called by many stations, mostly European ones, incessantly. About 120 contacts were logged on 15 meter band in those two hours .

The weather was unstable throughout my stay at Tateshina, but it turned out to be workable except for a period of a thunderstorm from 0330 till 0530UTC, Friday.


Mt. Tateshina, a volcano,  showed herself for a short time during my stay. There is some snow remaining near the top.




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