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2012年5月19日 (土)

Hachigata Castle 鉢形城跡

I went to see the Hachigata Castle in Yorii Town, Saitama, the day before yesterday for the first time. This medieval castle is said to have been built in 1476 and lost its lord when its defenders surrendered after a month long seige in 1560. I had thought the castle to be smaller and on a steeper hill before the visit. I was surprised by the spacious area. It has seven or eight kuruwa (defensive quarters) in it. It utilizes the Ara River as the northwestern defensive line and the Fukazawa River gorge as the eastern defensive line. Ditches, stone walls and earth bunkers were constructed for its southern defense. Ote (main) gate was at this upstream point and Karamete (rear) gate was near the confluence of the two rivers downstream. The photo shows the restored gate of San-no-kuruwa, the third defensive quarter, and Ote (main) gate was somewhere near the small torii to the left in the photo. The second photo is the Ara River viewed from the top of San-no-kuruwa.










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