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2012年5月26日 (土)

Beacon Monitors ビーコン・モニター

I added a couple of links to my blog last week: HA0KHW and JN1SDD. The IBP, International Beacon Project, coordinates 18 beacon radio stations that transmit radio signals on five short wave amateur bands in the world twenty all year around without stopping.

We can see visually which band is open to which area of the world by monitors.

The HA0KHW monitor is convenient for us because there is no beacon station in Central Europe. We are able to know band conditions between Hungary and Japan from receptions of JA1IGY, Japanese beacon station on top of Mt. Asama, Mie, by HA0KHW.


(View from Mt. Asama Observation Deck. Location of the antenna of JA1IGY not known.)

It turned out that HA0KHW is maneged by Laci, HA0HW. He is now in a Greek Island and operationg J48HW. After the WPX contest he will be active as SV8/HA0HW. I had at lesst one contact with him when I operated radio from Horn Island, Queensland, Australia in 2007.

JN1SDD is one of the two Japanese radio amateurs who manage beacon monitors. I have come to realize that this monitor is unique as it operated by its own software developed by the owner of the station. The system and the history of development can be found in an interview by a German ham, DH1TW, and there is a link to this interview in JN1SDD's page.


HA0KHW のモニターは、中欧と日本の間のバンドの開け具合を見るために便利です。HA0HW が管理者らしいですが、この局とはオーストラリアのホーン島から交信していました。現在は、ギリシャの島へ行って無線をしています。

JN1SDD のモニターは、今更新されている唯一の日本のモニターです。今回、ページにリンクのあるDH1TW のインタビューを読みましたら、他のモニター局の多数が使っているソフトではなく、自作ソフトで動いているとのこと、出てくるプログラミング言語名などは、まったくチンプンカンプンですが、すごい方がいるものだと驚きました。

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