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2012年4月 3日 (火)

Yokohama F. G. 横浜航空隊跡

The gate pillars in the first photo, shot last Sunday, were used by the Yokohama Flying Group of the Navy before and during WWII.


There used to be a big hanger for big navy flying boats such as type Kawanishi H6K, aka Mavis, and H8K, aka Emily in this base at the location of the big building that appears like a storage house in the second photo. The present built-up area in front of the hanger was the lighting area for the flying boats.

The flying boats departed here flew to the bases at Saipan, Mariana Islands; Dublon/Tonoas, Chuuk/Truk Islands, Caroline Islands; Rabaul, New Britain Island; Faisi Island near Shortland Island, Solomon Islands; Gavutu and Tanambogo Islands near Tulagi, Solomon Islands  and others.
From the front line bases, some flying boats performed reconnaissance and/or bombing missions to such distant places as Fiji, New Caledonia, New Hebrides Islands (Vanuatu,) Cairns, Horn Island, Port Moresby and others.
(The places in bold letters had my footprints.)



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