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2012年4月23日 (月)

Radio Club Meeting

A monthly meeting of the local amateur radio club was held yesterday, and I attended it.

Thirteen people were there including an observer who passed an examination of the third class license recently and was planning to come back to the hobby.

Being near the center of a big metropolitan area, most members of the club have difficulty putting up big antennas at their homes and are not so active on the air. The average age is as high as, or higher than the entire population in this field.

Two real senior members showed up yesterday. One has a call with two letter suffix. Another told us that he first applied for a permit in 1939, but was denied due to security reasons at the time. He somehow went on the air even during WWII, and heard some U.S. stations were on the air in spite of prohibition. He became an engineer at a broadcasting station later. One day, he bumped into a colleague who had a "QST" magazine in his pocket. By the suggestion of this colleague, the senior club member got his present license. We had another senior member, who used to have two letter "J2" prefix before WWII, but he closed his station due to health reasons to our regret.



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