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2012年4月18日 (水)

Katsuura, Chiba

Went to Katsuura City, Chiba to operate amateur radio in the Minamiboso Quasi-National Park (WFF JAFF-048) and in the vicinity of the Katuura Lighthouse (ARLHS JPN-245) last Sunday and Monday. "Minami" means south, "Bo" is the short form of Awa, the name of an old province and "So" is also the short form of another old province Fusa. "Fusa" was divided into two provinces of Kazusa (Kadusa, Kamitsu-fusa) and Shimousa (Shimotsu-fusa.) Katsuura belonged to the former.


The lighthouse viewed from the Cape Hachiman.

I parked my car on the western side of the cape, about 500m from the lighthouse Sunday afternoon local time. The cove of Katsuura was in front of me.

Img_3747s  Img_3749s

I went to a parking lot near a monument to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives due to a shipwreck on their way to Hakodate, Hokkaido in the civil war of 1868 Monday morning local time. This place faces northeast and about 700m from the lighthouse. The small sign reads "Keep clean in the natural park area."

Img_3758s  Img_3760s

Total number of contacts  78
Japan                            66
Oversea                         12 (EU 2, NA 3, OC 2, AS 4, MM 1)   


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21CWでシグナルを聞き、呼ぼうとしたら残念な事に聞こえなくなりました。QRT? 次回の移動を楽しみにしています。

LXPさん、それは残念でした。月曜の21は、0120Z ころにやめ、7にQSYして、パワーを下げて運用しました。空振りCQが多かったのと、バッテリーが弱ってきたためです。普段もCQ送信5回前後でコールがないと、①ワッチにまわる②ビーコンを聞く③他バンドにQSYする④休憩する、などして、長時間繰り返して送信はしていません。アンテナ方向もサイドに近い方ですから弱かったでしょう。



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