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2012年4月 8日 (日)

Fishing Rod Vertical

I cut a PVC pipe and made a joint for my fishing rod vertical antenna on the balcony yestreday, and erected the vertical today. When I brought the antenna down last Tuesday to evade the forecasted gust, I found that the aluminum joint between the fishing rod and the 25mm diameter FRP pipe was not working well due to the disintegration of the grip part of the rod. Pieces of a cloth tape were used to adjust the diameter of the rod.


The photo below is the aluminum joint used previously. The fishing rod is a sample and not used in this project.


The total net height of the antenna is 685cm, 350cm long fishing rod, 155cm long 25mm FRP pipe and 180cm long 38mm FRP pipe. The antenna element is a vinyl coated wire and it has a resonant frequency of about 10.100MHz with a radial.




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