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    The original owner of the TS-850S in my shack. SK, Nov. 30, 2015. RIP.

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2012年3月19日 (月)

Portable LH (2) 移動運用(2)

The site I operated radio yesterday was about ten kilometers from downtown Tokyo. Probably because of this location, I had two visitors to my car. One asked me which band I was to go on the air. He said that he was a ham but was inactive due to personal reasons.

Another gentleman came over in the afternoon and asked me if he could go one the air on 40 meter phone. As I was about to QSY to higher bands, I said OK and told hime to let me know if my signals bothered him. His car was parked about thirty meters away from mine. After half an hour or so, he came with the news that he was having difficulty by my 17 meter CW operation.  Fortunetely, I just finished a contact with a station in New Caledonia, and thinking of closing, I started to dismantle my fishing rod vertical from the roof of my car.

His home brew vertical antenna system was quite impressive and informative to me.



当方は、車の屋根に立てた6mほどの釣竿バーチカル・アンテナ(VCHコイル入り) でした。


« 移動アマ無線 Potable Lighthouse | トップページ | Tokyo Gate Bridge »





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